Because Being Sober is Badass.

Grow in social confidence, reduce toxic stress and have genuine fun, all without a drink in your hand. This is true freedom. 

Stop drinking without feeling like you’re missing out.

If you’re over the merry-go-round of…

Hangovers, anxiety and lost Sundays.

But you’re scared a life without alcohol isn’t worth living…

You’re not alone.

Most people live this cycle for decades. Trapped…

Not knowing there’s another way.

But if we could show you how to be more socially confident,

Teach you powerful ways to truly relax, and have way more fun… all without a drink in your hand.

How would you feel about stopping then?

Welcome to Sober Rebellion..


People helped in 2020

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Community of Rebels

6 Years
Sober & counting!


Is this you?

You’re using alcohol to manage stress and anxiety.
Alcohol is affecting your relationships.
You’re fed up of constant moderation attempts.
You’re not an ‘alcoholic’, but you know something needs to change.
You’re scared a life without alcohol isn’t worth living.
The idea of an AA meeting fills you with dread.
You’re desperate to find a way out that actually works.

Then you’re in the right place.

So... what is it that we actually 'do' then?


01. Community

Connect to a thriving community with live events, challenges and group discussion. There is no ‘one size fits all’ on this journey, which is why it’s important to find inspiration through the story of others and be able to share yours in a safe space. There’s nothing quite like feeling truly understood by people who share your values. Come join us for free today!

02. Courses

Imagine waking up every morning and knowing you are making the right choices for you and those around you – that’s the feeling we want to help you own for a lifetime. It might seem far away now, but it’s totally within your grasp. With inspiring lessons based on cutting-edge science, our courses will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world (or that party) alcohol-free. Come and get a life upgrade.

03. Coaching

Experience a coaching program designed to help you conquer all the lies that keep you stuck in the cycle of drinking. You’ll work weekly with Sam (lead rebel) to develop a personal and tailored coaching plan that is unique to you and your drinking story, while having daily accountability check-ins. Come move from surviving to thriving, without a drop of alcohol.

Hear what our clients have to say about us for yourself!


It’s going great. 73 days strong! Thank you so much – I love what you’re doing for the people!

Sam has been a symbol of external accountability in my life. Most importantly, coaching has helped me to improve my social confidence and relationship with my family.

In short, the Sober Rebellion is keeping me motivated and accountable… and SOBER. So proud to be a rebel!

You truly do such much more than help people to stop drinking. In shining a light on the things that made me drink in the first place, you have set me free!

Put simply, I now have control of my life.

Thank you for ALL your encouragement and fantastic ideas! I Love the challenge you bring to my thinking.

This isn't the end of your life, it's the beginning...