Graphic Designer

I felt safe to speak my truth, I came to Sam raw, fragile and weepy but he gently lifted my spirits. My hearts desire was to have some clarity, to clear the fog. The sessions felt like a real heart to heart, a re-centering, the lightness and clarity that came thereafter was such a breath of fresh air. The pressure had lifted, a lighter and brighter me was emerging. It is now an upwards spiral! I have a sense of faith in who I am becoming, who I really am, my true essence, but also a faith and understanding about the journey ahead.



Since becoming AF about 4 months ago alcohol has become irrelevant in my life. I have regained my power over it. A key part of that process has been setting a clear intention about what I want. I used to drink because I could, nobody was going to tell me what I should or shouldn’t drink. Now, I choose NOT to drink because I can, because I want to. Yes there is a cost involved. For me the money I spent was great value for money and worth every penny. If you are sitting on the fence wondering is this right for me, listen to your intuition, listen to your body, your gut instinct. If you feel a connection to Sam go for it, you are worth it and Sam will help you to realise that.


Social Worker

At the start, I was worried about spending the money on coaching only to fall back into the same cycle of risky blackouts and trying (and failing) to moderate. I can honestly say now - coaching from Sam is worth his weight in gold and would recommend him to anyone considering making this leap. I am deeply grateful for my coaching experience with Sam and am proud to say I am 7 months sober and feeling incredibly liberated.



Sam is genuinely a top guy and a top coach who has helped me get to the root cause of my drinking. There is no preaching here…just facts, data, good discussion and support. He has helped me reset my relationship with alcohol, and through our sessions I was able to take a long break from it for the first time. My aim was to reduce my drinking massively and Sam has helped me get there. I’m now heading towards going alcohol free which is something I never thought I’d even think of let alone achieve. Reaching out to Sam is one of the best decisions I’ve made.



He allowed me to realise that I already possess the skills I needed to overcome alcohol and showed me that sobriety really is a gift. I am kind to myself because Sam showed me how to be.


Interior Designer

With a healthy mind and a healthy body and a healthy outlook on life, addiction can fall by the wayside. I highly recommend working with sober rebellion! He has many ways of working with clients- personalized for each situation. NOT the dreaded (and limited) One size fits all approach. We are all unique, our stories are unique, our emotional needs and traumas are unique. Having someone who paid attention to all the aspects of a healthy life is what has made all the difference!



He helped me understand alcohol and what it did to not only my body but my brain and how it affected my thinking, sounds so simple but without Sam’s help I would never have known how to go about making the changes I have made. He really has changed my life for the better aswell as the relationships with my partner, daughter and parents. The great thing about Sam’s coaching and advice is that nothing is ever forced and he always works with you to help make the process seem comfortable and what works best for you.


Retired Head Teacher

I has one to one coaching with Sam a few months ago . He coaches with passion and enthusiasm . His ideas on moving away from alcohol are phenomenal and coaches you to see a bigger world . Friendly. Attentive and knowledgeable, I would recommend Sam for one to one coaching. At the end of the day Sam helped me to stop drinking after 42 years . I am now almost 19 months A F and successfully did my first sober cruise on Queen Elizabeth. Sam’s coaching makes you question your reasons for drinking and with prompting you actually answer your own reasons . 5 stars



6 words. I now have control of my life.